My name is Jolanda “Jaewrites” Bostick, I was born in New London, Connecticut. I am a self published author of not only one but three books and a journal. “Let Love Happen: The Redemption.” A book about Self-Love. “Un-invited: The Suffering,” in dedication to Mental Health Awareness. “OH Hell Yes!” An erotic sensation. I also released a self-reflection journal, The Self-Love Projekt geared towards self-care. Writing is my passion, I decided to write books based on reality with a twist of suspense and drama to keep readers entertained. Jaewrites LLC is an officially registered business as of 2022. I offer writing mentorship services through “The Writing Lab” for inspired writers who wish to write a book and need assistance with creativity or for those writers who have their manuscript completed and need a book critique. My goal is to prep writers for publishing. What sets me apart from other authors is my wordplay. I consider myself to be an artist. When I write I paint pictures making it feels as if you are in the same room. Each author has their own way of writing. My punning is what keeps my readers interested and books selling. I am most proud of my accomplishments. My brand Books&Beaute’ is an image of me. Beaute’ is not only an aspect of physical beauty. Everyone has a story that mold them into the person they are today. Books&Beaute’ is a writing brand geared towards individuals finding their healing through writing or through their passion. The beaute’ of it is that we can motivate others to keep going and not give up. Every day we wake up with breath, it’s another day to get it right. You are writing your next chapter.