The Self-Love Projekt

The Self-Love Projekt, self-reflection journal is designed to promote self-care by allowing yourself to take a few minutes out of your day to recite self-love affirmations that remind you of how great you are. You can write down things as simple as how your day went, your dreams, goals and aspirations. Important events that took place in your life, your hobbies, your strengths and weaknesses. Thoughts and feelings along with your favorite quotes. Life is too short, write out a bucket list or anything else that you feel is of importance. Always date your pages as a reminder of how far you have grown throughout your writing journey. When your book is full, you can make the decision to turn the journal into your very own masterpiece; a memoir, or cherish it as a souvenir, a book full of memories. Remember you are the author over your life.


                                         - Author J.Jae 


Self-Reflection Journal is $15

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The Self Love Projekt, working on yourself, was birthed in August of 2020 after a fifteen year failed marriage. Through the turmoil I lost myself. I sacrificed my well-being to please others. After my pregnancies I became self-conscious about my weight gain. I also suffered from a car accident that left me with a handicap, I refused to be labeled as such. I fell into depression, anxiety took over my body. I was physically, mentally and emotionally drained. It led me to be this different person, I was unhappy with myself.


During these times I would write the most. I'd write about any and everything that was on my mind. Things I've been through, goals I wanted to achieve and my next step towards ambition. I would write everyday, it was my venting on paper. I wrote until I was able to get everything off of my chest, a relief. After I filled each sheet in my notebook I would re-read it, as my writing allowed me to look back over my life and re-evaluate myself. I had to hold myself accountable and clap back! My life experiences gave me the inspiration to write, they were the best teacher. Because many can relate, it gave me the motivation to become an author.